Kids Pumpkin Painting & Candy Charcuterie Board Class

Join Meg for the best Halloween class you'll ever take! Start off class with painting your own pumpkin! Choose your own style or use an example for inspiration! 
The first hour of class we will be painting our pumpkins! Starting with acrylic, students will paint their pumpkins however they wish! The possibilities are endless! I will also have all sorts of accessories for decorating - spider webs, string, glitter, and more! 
After we are done painting our pumpkins, we will begin our charcuterie candy board!
Students will decorate a 9" X 12" board with all the spooky candy and snacks they can think of! Each student will be able to pick out fun accessories like skeletons and spiders to add to their board! When students are finished, we will wrap up their boards in plastic wrap for a safe ride home!